Legal corporal punishment is becoming a joke in Florida.
Did this title disturb your mind? Well it should not do so 'cause last Friday an appellate Florida court ruled corporal punishment as an acceptable way to punish your children when not used in excess (Read more)! The ruling cites common law and a 2002 Florida Supreme Court  that says that reasonable corporal punishment can be used against anyone who tries to charge you with domestic violence! Don't worry, just say in court that you didn't do it in excess and you'll be fine, if that is your case. It's going to be fun to see how many more abusers will keep getting away with domestic violence. Great news! Oh wait a minute. That's not so great news. Well guess what? Now you can spank a child non excessively anywhere in Florida and even show other parents how to do it! So parents in Florida: you're welcome to non excessively spank, and punish your children physically anywhere around their bodies but not in excess and even in front of their friends (I think), so remember that! You won't be charged with domestic violence even if your child feels excessively humiliated and will obviously also be emotionally affected for the rest of their lives. Seriously Florida: what's next? Oh, I hope the ruling also states that it's totally legal to take pictures of parents spanking their kids and post them online. Sick.

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