Danny Dimm (Photo: Facebook)
According tonews1130.com, Danny Dimm of Lillooet, Canada had just regained custody of his 5 year old son in August. But his happiness couldn't last long enough because he was killed during an accident yesterday while clearing some trees. Danny Dimm, 53, was crushed by a piece of logging equipment and up to this moment, there is no clue on what will happen with his son, according to what Danny Dimm's sister says. Back in August Danny Dimm and his son Timber were reunited after Timber's mom got arrested in Minnesota for abducting the child.  During Danny Dimm's custody battle, Danny Dimm also worked hard as he was seeking funds to help fight his son's autism. As many of you know, custody battles will be a strong subject in my novel. Custody battles can just happen during any time, and sometimes when you least expect them to happen. Even some of the best families have gone through custody battles. It's sad to say, but it's true. If you'd like to know a little more on what kind of custody battle will be touched in my novel, take a look at some of my sneak peeks!

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