Amy Patterson, Florida missing teacher. (news-press.com)
Amy Patterson,41, the Florida missing teacher in Lee County that is now gone without a trace had been physically abused in her past and according to reports, Amy Patterson's boyfriend (former husband) Daniel Proctor is now seen as a person of interest. Daniel Proctor had been arrested in the 1990's for physical abuse (subject touched in my novel) against  Amy Patterson. Lt. Ryan Bell from the the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has allegedly not revealed as to whether Amy Patterson had filed a restraining order against Daniel Proctor before her disappearance. Daniel Proctor has not been arrested yet in Lee County, but officials sure have a lot of questions to ask him. The sheriff's office believe that he is now back in the Southeast of Florida after reportedly leaving the town following Amy Patterson's disappearance.
If you have any information that can lead to Amy Patterson's whereabouts please call: Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.

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cameron smith

she was one of the best teachers i had


She taught me in year 2010-2011, I really loved her as my research teacher

kay Salehi

She was my loving daughter who only wanted to teach. He took her life.

Chrystal Ellis

I pray and meditate that someone will come forth. I hope she is found safe. I will pray she is found safe. I really wish more women will stand up and leave abusers. Because of this system we live in on Earth women's pleas are set aside. I pray she is found alive.


I thought Thanksgiving was going to be very diffcult but Christmas is ripping my hear appart. As we decorate the tree all the ornaments that Amy made growing and her stocking. My grandson (who is only 6years old ) Mimi you promised you wouldn't cry. Amy will come home soon.
Yet Danny in jail warm and had thanksgiving dinner and will have a christmas dinner but won't tell us where Amy is. I still have nightmares always calling for her and looking every where.


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