I'm taking a recess from blogging so I can focus on working on the novel. Please standby and don't forget to get notified of the release of the book!
Hello everyone! Here's my new list of ways to entertain kids while babysitting! Enjoy!
male stripper dances for 100 year old woman (photo: Birmingham Mail)
Okay guys so here's the video of the male stripper who danced for the 100 year old woman! I'm bringing this up because some of you know that stripping is one of the main subjects of my upcoming novel. And oh boy... you're going to love reading about it so much! Spicy, hot, and very provocative! But watch out 'cause it has two sides! So anyway, watch the video of the 100 yr. old woman who requested a male stripper (who happened to be: "Scorpion") on her 100th birthday for the full details!


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Hey there guys! Last week I went to my best friend's's apartment and asked her if she actually had a favorite online store that has business suits! But not just any suits, I was really talking about creative, trendy, and very fashionable professional suits! Well, she actually told me about Express.

So I absolutely took her suggestion and went back home to go check it out. It turns out be that they are an incredible professional suits for women / professional suits for men / professional suits for work  online store!

Alright, so here's some of the most exciting things that I found out about them. You can't miss this! First of all, they offer an incredible selection of professional suits for women / professional suits for men / professional suits for work.  I started off by looking at their professional suits for women. Now what's more amazing about  this store is that you have the option to select the color! I loved this one:

But wait, there's more about them! Check out the Express sweepstakes, where you will have the chance to win a $500 suiting makeover! Wohoo! Now go check the website out and come back to share with us links to your favorite professional outfits! So which outfits would you wear for an interview and which ones would you wear  for a regular day at work?

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Danny Dimm (Photo: Facebook)
According tonews1130.com, Danny Dimm of Lillooet, Canada had just regained custody of his 5 year old son in August. But his happiness couldn't last long enough because he was killed during an accident yesterday while clearing some trees. Danny Dimm, 53, was crushed by a piece of logging equipment and up to this moment, there is no clue on what will happen with his son, according to what Danny Dimm's sister says. Back in August Danny Dimm and his son Timber were reunited after Timber's mom got arrested in Minnesota for abducting the child.  During Danny Dimm's custody battle, Danny Dimm also worked hard as he was seeking funds to help fight his son's autism. As many of you know, custody battles will be a strong subject in my novel. Custody battles can just happen during any time, and sometimes when you least expect them to happen. Even some of the best families have gone through custody battles. It's sad to say, but it's true. If you'd like to know a little more on what kind of custody battle will be touched in my novel, take a look at some of my sneak peeks!

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