Lil Wayne 'How to Love' new music video features an abused girl who becomes a stripper.
I thought it would be extremely relevant to create some buzz today on Lil Wayne How to Love new music video because it portrays the story of a girl who is abused as a child, becomes a stripper, and later on is diagnosed with HIV. Coincidentally, the plot of the story in Lil Wayne's video is very similar to what we will be able to experience when reading Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel. Abuse and stripping are two of the strongest topics being touched in the novel. Find the Lil Wayne How to Love new music video at the end of this post!

One of my purposes in bringing the stripping subject the novel is to attract every type of audience and break the barriers on how strippers are currently being stereotyped. Strippers wind up joining the stripping / exotic dancing industry for many different reasons, but a lot of them have done it because of their traumatic pasts. This is very similar to what happens in my novel, but you're going to see also by detail what the character goes through every single day. How easy or how hard is it to stand up on stage in front of dozens of people looking at every single part of your body? What is really behind your purpose in wanting to make that much money in one single night? Wait 'til you find out what goes through the mind of  this character in the novel. You won't believe the number of challenges that she is set to face. Will she be able to make okay and alive?
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