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Can friends make a couple break up? Can friends cause a break up? Let's take a look at the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up rumors: According to multiple online sources, Selena Gomez dumped Justin Bieber because of the influence that some of his biggest friends who are hip hop stars might be having on him. Read all about it here. Chris Brown got in trouble for domestic violence towards Rihanna, Lil Wayne was in prison for possession of a weapon, and then, we got Sean Kingston who apparently got pulled over last week along with Justin Bieber by a cop who thought that it was quite suspicious that two really young men were driving such an expensive car. Now, here's what we want to really focus on in this discussion: Can friends cause a break up? Do you think that you should dump your boyfriend / dump your girlfriend because of (a) friend / friends? How do you know if a friend is a positive influence on a relationship? How about jealousy? Are you jealous of your boyfriend's friends / girlfriend's friends and the attention that your love is giving to them? Is it fair that your boyfriend / girlfriend dumps you because your friend told him / her so? Wouldn't that be also ironic? Tell me about your story and views today!

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