So I wanted to explain more or less how I'm working out this exciting process! In order to organize my ideas, I had to create from the very beginning a map for my  novel / story. In my case, it consists of a chart with the following headers: number and name of  the chapter, events to include, and special notes. Within my special notes, I pretty much  write every little detail that I do not want to miss. This map or organizing chart grows every day as I want to add more valuable information to this great, and inspirational story. Additionally, I have recorded  in this section the current age of the main character, the age of the secondary characters, and also the time and place in which each event takes place! And finally, every day before I print a new version of it , I perform a small hand written brainstorm of the ideas that I will be putting down (soon enough) under each chapter section that I'm currently working with. I hope that this doesn't sound too complicated or hard to understand;  however, I find that it could be very useful tool in case you're thinking about taking this journey as well in the near future! :)

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