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Domestic violence and substance abuse: Can drugs cause domestic violence?
Domestic violence and substance abuse: two controversial terms. Can substance abuse cause domestic violence? We can't think of substance abuse as an activity that leads or causes domestic violence directly. As we all know, there may be different causes for  each and every one of the domestic violence cases. But how are domestic violence and substance abuse related? Domestic violence and substance abuse is a very broad subject (and I'm going to focus his time on drugs because I'd like to mention something at the end of this post about it) but there have been some victims of domestic violence that have shared their domestic violence stories and they have revealed that drugs have been a leading cause of the domestic violence that they have experienced. Why? Here's a case scenario: "A man is addicted to marijuana but he is broke, so he resorts to his wife so he can get the money to buy marijuana. The woman concerned, denies his request . As an addict he can't live with that response so either he performs emotional abuse to manipulate his victim and get what he wants." Here's another case scenario: " A woman who is addicted to marijuana comes back home after partying and gets into an argument with her boyfriend. Subsequently she performs physical abuse against him."  Again, it's not that drugs are a leading cause to domestic violence but there have been cases in which it has happened. I'd like to hear what you have to say! Now what do you think about the legalization of cannabis / legalization of marijuana? Should the US government "legalize weed" in the country as a whole? Reportedly Roseanne Barr wants to legalize marijuana. According to multiple resources, Roseanne Barr announced on The Tonight Show that she wants to legalize weed! Click to read more about: Roseanne Barr wants to legalize marijuana. Do you think that the nationwide legalization of cannabis will be a good idea? Let me know what you think!

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