Where are Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish? What is happening in colleges?
A poor student was forced to act as a stripper. Where are Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish? Shame on you! According to www.ndtv.com, 4 students from a Uttar Pradesh University in Northern India forced another student to act as a stripper, by ordering him to remove all of his clothes and consume liquor, as police released today. And not only that, on top of everything, they also committed physical abuse against the poor kid. Now one thing is to feel forced to become a stripper due to your own life circumstances but to be forced to act as a stripper is just unacceptable! Check out what happens in my novel: Does the character feel forced to become a stripper? Was she forced to become a stripper? We will be able to find out soon! The four of them are now being wanted and their names are:
Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish. What a shame ladies and gentlemen. And guess what? They are all enrolled in their 3rd B.A. year at Bundelkhand University in Jhansi district! I hope they get caught really soon. There is medical evidence people! The name of the poor victim is Rituraj Kumar, a 1st year B.A. student.
Amy Patterson, Florida missing teacher. (news-press.com)
Amy Patterson,41, the Florida missing teacher in Lee County that is now gone without a trace had been physically abused in her past and according to reports, Amy Patterson's boyfriend (former husband) Daniel Proctor is now seen as a person of interest. Daniel Proctor had been arrested in the 1990's for physical abuse (subject touched in my novel) against  Amy Patterson. Lt. Ryan Bell from the the Lee County Sheriff’s Office has allegedly not revealed as to whether Amy Patterson had filed a restraining order against Daniel Proctor before her disappearance. Daniel Proctor has not been arrested yet in Lee County, but officials sure have a lot of questions to ask him. The sheriff's office believe that he is now back in the Southeast of Florida after reportedly leaving the town following Amy Patterson's disappearance.
If you have any information that can lead to Amy Patterson's whereabouts please call: Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS.

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