Steven Retchless America's Got Talent
Tonight's upside down walk  of now famous pole dancer Steven Retchless  on America's Got Talent  (AGT) was absolutely amazing! However, I still think that he could've done a much better job! The transitions were very smooth, his outfit was wonderful, and his general appearance was spectacular. Steven Retchless exited the stage by stating, "If you believe in your dreams, you can make them come true." Absolutely! Steven Retchless has definitely made it this far on AGT  because he has definitely created a new perspective: pole dancing is a lot more beautiful than we had seen it in years! Watch out for the release of the novel, which includes a very intense story that involves exotic dancing. Another step in creating a fresh perspective in the world of stripping.

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Eva Longoria pole dancing work out, photo: infdaily.com
Eva Longoria keeps rocking it out with her pole dancing skills! As some of you guys know, Eva Longoria is getting ready to show her pole dancing skills on Desperate Wives (read the details here: Eva Longoria pole dancing)! If you are already a regular reader of this blog, then you already know that exotic dancing is a major topic being touched in my upcoming novel!
Pole dancing is a sport / practice that requires a lot of resistance and training.
So here's the scoop: According to OMG Yahoo, Eva Longoria is being trained by pole dancing expert Sheila Kelley, actress who played a stripper on Dancing at the Blue Iguana. Kelley's company has created several striptease sequences, including the one that Marisa Tomei performed in The Wrestler and the one from Lisa Edelstein in House.
Sheila Kelley on Martha Stewart (2010) photo: NBC

Shela Kelley is the author of: The S Factor: Strip Workouts for Every Woman.
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Why do women become strippers? There are so many answers can can come up in our minds but why do women become strippers? That is what we really want to know. The list of possibilities on why women become strippers are endless. In the novel you will be able to witness and fully experience one of the reasons why women become strippers. Live the intensity the same way it was lived through the eyes and the vulnerable mind of a girl that becomes a stripper. What is it like being a stripper? We will be able to discuss this topic later on and of course you will be able to learn how was it really like being a stripper for the character in the novel but for now let's take a look at some of the reasons why women become strippers:

Why do women become strippers? Unlike what some people believe, some women decide to become a strippers because they have developed over the years their passion for exotic dancing and pole dancing.  Learn about the history of exotic dancing here. They might not do it on a full time basis, but it's a great way to keep themselves in optimum shape and feeling very confident. Some women do strip for their husbands or their boyfriends to spice up their relationship. Now, there are some cases in which some women feel like they have no other choice but to become strippers for the sake of surviving a financial crisis and be able to raise their child / children  or because they need to support an addiction. The list is endless. Now, as we all know, when women become strippers because they feel like they have no other choice then that's when we want to pay close attention.  How long is enough to be able to get back up on your feet? How hard or easy it is to get used to live the life of a stripper when she feels like she has no other choice? I'd like to know hat you think about all of this. Are you thinking about becoming a stripper? Are you a stripper? Why did you become a stripper? Do you think that becoming a stripper is a mere option regardless of what anyone can say? Why? Should strippers be categorized as whores or has the society developed unfair stereotypes? Who is to blame for? Can the presence of stripper 'cause a relationship breakup or 'add to it more sexual flavor? There are so many possibilities, sometimes they're even hard to believe... you're going to be able to experience very closely how was it like being a stripper for the character in my novel, day by day. Will she be able to make it okay? Will that make her a stronger woman or a weaker one? How will it change her life? What is your story? What are your views?

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