Can a breakup cause PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)? If you're asking yourself: Can a breakup cause PTSD, then check this out. According to ZocDoc, yes, a breakup can cause PTSD. Of course, the best option of all is to go to a specialist, but here's what ZocDoc reveals on the topic Can a breakup cause PTSD. It would actually be considered PTSD if  the symptoms have lasted more than 30 days. Only a physician can make such diagnosis. In my novel, Elizabeth (main character) claims that the tragic breakup that she went through in the very beginning of the story 'caused a spin in her direction in life and for that she made decisions that affected the rest of her life events (which you will be able to see what they were in the book). Was PTSD what really affected her and made her take those decisions? Or should PTSD never be blamed for her struggles post breakup? You be the judge! Once you read the novel you will find several clues that will lead you to your own conclusions. Here are some of the PTSD symptoms in women / PTSD symptoms in men after a breakup:

Can a breakup cause PTSD? According to my research, here are some of the possible TSD symptoms in women / PTSD symptoms in men:
  • nightmares on the relationship: For example having dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you, depending on what the breakup causes were.
  • having unwanted flashbacks on the breakup.
  • feelings of anxiety.
  • not being able to sleep well.
  • mood swings.
  • feeling emotionally numb.
  • isolating from others.
  • Becoming less interested in activities that used to be of great enjoyment.
  • Not been able to reach career or family goals.
  • Having difficulty concentrating.
  • Having outbursts of anger or irritability.
  • Having feelings on being constantly in danger.
  • Having problems of substance abuse.
  • Having tendencies of becoming unemployed.
  • Having increasing chances of violence in future relationships.
Credit: ZocDoc, ptsd.ne.gov.

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