Russell Armstrong suicide - (From: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) photo: FilmMagic
So this morning TMZ (in addition to other sources) reported that Russell Armstrong suicide was described as the scene of Russell Armstrong being found hanging in his own bedroom at Mulholland Drive. People reported though that it was at his friend's house. Read the full story of Russell Armstrong suicide right here. Now what is behind the Russell Armstrong suicide? TMZ also reported that his wife Taylor had filed for divorce last July, and check this: she claimed that Russell Armstrong had committed domestic  violence against her (one of the main topics of Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel). Is there a connection between Russell Armstrong suicide and his possible abusive tendencies prior to his death?

I found this really good thread on WikiAnswers. The thread answers the question: If an abuser commits suicide, does his/her partner should feel responsible? Check the responses here. In summary though, the answers reflect how there's a huge chance that an abuser commited suicide as another way of controlling his / her victim. But why would they do this if they're already going to be dead? Apparently some think that this is caused also as a result from the abuser's deteriorated mental state.

Check out this excerpt from: helpguide.org: Do abusers commit suicide?
Do abusers commit suicide?
Now I'd like to hear from you. Do you think that Russell Armstrong (if he was really an abuser) committed suicide as a result of a psychological disorder that could have been carried by any typical abuser or just because Taylor Armstrong left him? Maybe it was something else! Let's remember that an autopsy and toxicology test is still in process. What do you think about this case?

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