Stripping also takes a big role in my novel guys, so here are some Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike' photos on the set I found @
Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike'
Magic Mike director is Erin Brockovich. So both Erin Brockovich and filmmaker Steven Soderbergh are working hard together on the new Channing Tatum Magic Mike movie which is based on the life of Channing Tatum,31,as a stripper in Tampa, FL when he was only 19 yrs. old.
Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike'.
Channing Tatum as a stripper on the set of "Magic Mike'.
Where are Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish? What is happening in colleges?
A poor student was forced to act as a stripper. Where are Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish? Shame on you! According to, 4 students from a Uttar Pradesh University in Northern India forced another student to act as a stripper, by ordering him to remove all of his clothes and consume liquor, as police released today. And not only that, on top of everything, they also committed physical abuse against the poor kid. Now one thing is to feel forced to become a stripper due to your own life circumstances but to be forced to act as a stripper is just unacceptable! Check out what happens in my novel: Does the character feel forced to become a stripper? Was she forced to become a stripper? We will be able to find out soon! The four of them are now being wanted and their names are:
Abhishek Singh, Purasharth Pandey, Rishikesh Singh and Girish. What a shame ladies and gentlemen. And guess what? They are all enrolled in their 3rd B.A. year at Bundelkhand University in Jhansi district! I hope they get caught really soon. There is medical evidence people! The name of the poor victim is Rituraj Kumar, a 1st year B.A. student.
Minka Kelly opens up about her relationship with her stripper mom.
Did Minka Kelly and her stripper mom get along well? As many of you know, I've been bringing as many as stripper stories up as I possibly can on this blog because we're going to be able to read a lot about it when the novel comes out! Now, when it comes to a Minka Kelly, during an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed that her mom became a stripper and worked with other jobs simultaneously so they could make ends meet.
The Friday Night Lights star described her mom as a gorgeous woman, but according tothe Daily Mail, Minka Kelly's mom Maureen Kelly used to try to talk her into skipping school so they could go shopping! For that and other reasons, Minka Kelly describes her relationship with her mom to be quite complicated. Maureen Kelly died three years ago of colon cancer; however, Minka Kelly was with her mom until her last breath. Now what do you think about relationships with parents that are strippers and their children? Are they always complicated?
Goldrush in Miami
Relax! It's not what you think! The article that I found online today on refers to a strip club that opens 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And yes, it does happen to have a take-out window! But that's because Goldrush, a strip club in Miami offers you breakfast, lunch, and dinner! There is one quite interesting story about stripping in my novel, so stay stuned!

Lil Wayne 'How to Love' new music video features an abused girl who becomes a stripper.
I thought it would be extremely relevant to create some buzz today on Lil Wayne How to Love new music video because it portrays the story of a girl who is abused as a child, becomes a stripper, and later on is diagnosed with HIV. Coincidentally, the plot of the story in Lil Wayne's video is very similar to what we will be able to experience when reading Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel. Abuse and stripping are two of the strongest topics being touched in the novel. Find the Lil Wayne How to Love new music video at the end of this post!

One of my purposes in bringing the stripping subject the novel is to attract every type of audience and break the barriers on how strippers are currently being stereotyped. Strippers wind up joining the stripping / exotic dancing industry for many different reasons, but a lot of them have done it because of their traumatic pasts. This is very similar to what happens in my novel, but you're going to see also by detail what the character goes through every single day. How easy or how hard is it to stand up on stage in front of dozens of people looking at every single part of your body? What is really behind your purpose in wanting to make that much money in one single night? Wait 'til you find out what goes through the mind of  this character in the novel. You won't believe the number of challenges that she is set to face. Will she be able to make okay and alive?
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