Has anyone ever threatened to take your child away from you , according to your judgment, as a revenge?
Custody battles are born under many different circumstances, but one of the saddest ones is when the challenging parent threatens his/her partner or spouse with taking the children away from the other parent. A lot of the times these types of custody battles emerge from a split or simply an unwanted break up, because either the challenging parent does not want a divorce or he/she  just can't get over a break up and sometimes because he/she is jealous about your present love life. Another really unfortunate circumstance is when one of the grandparents threatens to do so as well, just because he/she is very protective over their son/daughter (check this example). When custody battles are based on revenge, that's when you ought to know that in many of these cases, the challenging adult is capable of doing anything, because they know that taking a child from you can hurt you the most. Even though there's no law that protects you from custody battles based on revenge because they're so hard to prove, you know how to spot them, especially if you're going through one. As a matter of fact, I really have a lot more to say about custody battles based on revenge when you read my novel. You'll be shocked to know how sometimes innocent parents are trapped in a prison composed of harassment and threats. See everything through the eyes of Elizabeth soon. Feel free to share your story!

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