Unfortunately, death threats are a tool that an aggressor can use because he or she can't just accept that his / her spouse is seeking a divorce. The death threat concept can be quite similar when someone files for divorce due to death threats. However, they're both completely different. Let's take a look at both of these death threat / divorce cases:

Could there have been death threats from William Dembie? - ChronicleOnline
You won't believe this! Jail guard (corrections officer) William Levy was charged with domestic violence (subject touched in my novel) and murder for stabbing his wife to death last Thursday (according to this report).Shortly after the murder,  William Levy calls the authorities to confess his crime! His wife Holly Dembie was found behind his home. The saddest part of all is, that a 4 year old will not have his mother anymore and Midview Schools  will be now be also mourning the loss of a great, special needs children worker. Holly Dembie's aunt: Diedre Ashmun said that she wasn't unsure why William Dembie killed his wife but that in fact they were having marital problems. Diedre Ashmun also informed that Holly Dembie had been consulting a divorce lawyer and that she had confessed to her aunt Diedre that he was abusive to her. Due to the possibility that William Dembie was abusive to his wife before killing her, do you think that Holly Dembie could have possibly been a victim of death threats after husband learned about her interest in getting a divorce? Sometimes some people  just can't live with the fact that someone wants to divorce them and they're capable of doing anything, like you will be able to see in Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel. Wait until you find out what the agressor does once he finds out his wife wants to divorce him.

Daniel Baldwin divorce / death threats case.
Now let's take a look at the Daniel Baldwin divorce / death threats case. According to dailymail.co.uk, Daniel Baldwin had filed for divorce after he claimed that his wife Joanne Baldwin had been attacking him with death threats. Now this death threats case is quite different from the one mentioned above because William Dembie had just learned that his wife wanted to file for divorce. What really happened in the death threats case between Daniel Baldwin and Joanne Baldwin? Now check this: the story doesn't end there. As many of you know, TMZ also reported recently that Daniel Baldwin went to court last Thursday to dismiss his restraining order! And there's even more to this alarming story: Both Daniel Baldwin and Joanne Baldwin filed the documents to dismiss the Daniel Baldwin and Joanne Baldwin divorce petition! This divorce and death threats case makes a lot of people worry more about this possible Daniel Baldwin and Joanne Baldwin reconciliation due to the fact there are even more details to this shocking story. The same day that Daniel Baldwin got a restriction order against his wife due to the claimed death threats, Joanne Baldwin  was arrested for violating her probation for driving under the influence. According to the reports, Daniel Baldwin expressed on his restraining order docs that his wife would scream at her children and throw objects around the house. He also claimed how she punched him numerous times, pulled a knife on him,  and how she even threw a phone on his face. Daniel Baldwin was granted custody of their children but now it seems like he wants to save his marriage. Do you think that he's doing the right thing? Do you think that Joanne Baldwin deserves another chance? Share your views!

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