Connecticut Stand Down 2010! Photo:www.ct.gov

Good morning everyone! I found this very interesting post on Patch.com  but it applies mostly to those who live in Connecticut, so if you can please share this link on your social media profile it would be great! As most of you know, homelessness and other life events are topics being touched in the novel.  As I work on finishing the book, one of my favorite activities is to help create awareness of different events that support good causes! Well this time, I'd like to talk about the Stand Down 2011!

The Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs  will be holding the Stand Down 2011 event in September, and today they need your help! Stand Down 2011 helps homeless and veterans in need, so what a great way for those who can, make a difference in their lives! They will be collecting items such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, disposable razors, underwear, and some more! For the complete list and instructions   visit this link. Items will be collected until August 29th! Don't forget to check out more exciting links on the right side of this blog!

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