How long can a custody battle last? How long does a custody battle take? Everyone knows that divorce can be extremely painful. Furthermore, when both parties face problems in establishing a custody agreement things can get a lot more complicated. But how long can a custody battle last? How long does a custody battle take? The custody laws vary from state to state. Depending on how challenging the non custodial parent is, the custody battle can take years to finally come to an end. Now, whether you are the custodial parent or the non custodial parent, you need to be prepared to invest money on  lawyer fees and you need to be prepared to be very patient because when there is a custody disagreement things can get heated up pretty quickly.  Can everyone afford to do that? What happens when the non custodial parent thinks that the custodial parent shouldn't really have custody of their child / children in common for good reasons according to their own judgment? Every side has their own story. Does money play a huge role? Is it fair? What do you think? Can a person's criminal background or history of domestic violence greatly influence a judge's decision? As a matter of fact, this custody battle topic does actually take place in the novel! You'll be stunned to find out how challenging this custody battle case becomes, how long it lasts, and exactly why it even took place. Are you going through a custody battle? How long did your custody battle last? Share your views now!

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