So how to prove emotional abuse? When you ask yourself  how to prove emotional abuse, do you feel hopeless? That isn't an easy task! This topic is actually covered in my novel! How does Elizabeth deal with emotional abuse? Is she able to keep her sanity? Is she able to prove emotional abuse? How to prove emotional abuse? Okay so even if you write a journal and try to document everything that an abuser has said to you, will you be able to prove emotional abuse to the judge? The answer is, probably not. You'll have to offer substantial evidence. If you are on the verge of not knowing what to do and if your relationship has been destroyed because of emotional abuse, what would you do? Find out what Elizabeth did regarding all of this when you read the novel!  Would you do the same she did?

How to prove emotional abuse? Are recorded phone calls evidence of emotional abuse? How to prove emotional abuse? Can therapy records prove emotional abuse? What if you can't afford a lawyer for an emotional abuse case? What if you feel trapped and threatened? Find out what Elizabeth did in this story. You'll be absolutely stunned!

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