Can you fall in love with a stripper? Are you falling in love with a stripper?
Can you fall in love with a stripper? Are you falling in love with a stripper? What if you are in love with a stripper? Do you think that you will become a target of ridicule and mocking? Because of the way that the society is being shaped, probably yes. But before we get any further, I'd like to add that you will actually be able to read and experience a type of scenario like this on Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, An Inspirational Novel!. What happens when someone seems to be falling in love with a stripper? The person might feel extreme fear because naturally, the chances that they will stumble upon a stripper that does not care about anyone but getting high are pretty HIGH. However, among a large crowd, there could be a handful or two of strippers that have not being able to make it any other way in life but to become one for the sake of surviving and being able to raise their child / children. To some this is virtually not an excuse to become a stripper, but the people that have been in that position or have someone really close who has been in that position only know that this has been their only option. A lot of the times they have become strippers because they feel abandoned by their relatives, they lost their home, they went through a really bad divorce, and that is the only way to get out of the hole. Then after those strippers have been able to reach a certain amount of money saved, they're done and consecutively leave their stripping career. Unfortunately, that is not the case of every stripper. Still, the stripping career makes the stripper extremely vulnerable, and you'll be able to read and learn so much more about what goes inside the mind of a stripper and why she particularly does that in the novel.

Falling in love with a stripper?
You'd be stunned to know the amount of strippers out there that have incredible capabilities, possess college degrees, don't do drugs, alcohol, and don't even smoke! But still, whether a stripper does anything or not, is it possible to fall in love with a a stripper? It's absolutely possible. The problem is, if you decide to be with that stripper, will she leave her stripping career for you? Yes, she could. However, there might be some things that might get on the way. If you are dating the stripper that you are falling in love with she will probably ask you several things such as: "Can you help me financially until I get back up on my feet?" If your answer is no, then she most likely won't leave her stripping career because she needs to buy what her kids need and she needs to  have a roof to sleep under;  so those elements will be more important than your suggestion; for the moment. Now, if you are willing to support her financially until she gets back up on her feet and get a different job then she will most likely accept it due to the real reason behind her immersion into the exotic dancing career; a circumstance caused by a financial crisis that never seemed to get any better while working as a waitress, as a cashier, or as a childcare worker. Again, we're only talking here about a case scenario. More below this photo:

Can you date a stripper? Are strippers dateable? Falling in love with a stripper?
So if you are falling in love with a stripper / dating a stripper, how do you introduce her into your circle of friends or family members? One always shouldn't start dating someone without getting to know them well first. However, if after you've found out that for example that stripper was genuinely telling you the truth always about everything, regardless whether she has or not an education, yes, she is definitely dateable. But if I were you, I would not not tell anyone so close you  that she is a stripper, because then you could become an object of misjudgment and discrimination. If you know for sure that you are falling in love with a stripper and you are actually dating that stripper, my best advice is, it's not necessary to say anything. You are the only one that knows exactly what she's going through, and you are the only one that knows her feelings and her true daily habits. Depending on what both of you discuss as far as goals goes, then it's just better to keep it as private as possible. Now, if the stripper does become officially your girlfriend, how is it like dealing with the career of a stripper? Would you be able to handle being with a stripper? When you read Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel you will be surprised at all the possibilities. You don't want to miss it! Stay tuned for the release of the novel! I'd like to know what you think, you don't necessarily have to agree to what this special edition article says. By the way, did you ever get to see that Britney Spears pole dancing photo? check it out here!  Feel free to comment below!

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