Manny Ramirez arrested for domestic violence.
Manny Ramirez got arrested for domestic violence yesterday in Florida! What really happened between Manny Ramirez and his wife? Well, here's the Manny Ramirez domestic violence story:

Allegedly Manny Ramirez slapped his wife in the face. Apparently it 'caused her head to  bump against the bed headboard. TMZ reports that Manny Ramirez and Juliana were arguing in their bedroom when Manny Ramirez struck the left side of the face of Julianna. And that's how she ended up getting her head hurt when she hit the bed headboard. Julianna immediately called the police, and once the cops arrived to the scene they noticed that Manny Ramirez wife Julianna had a small bruise on the back of her head, and that her face was red and swollen. Of course, there are two sides of this story. Manny Ramirez claims that he shrugged his wife's shoulders, and once he did it, she hit her head against the headboard. Who is lying here? Manny Ramirez was  charged with misdemeanor battery. Now, if Manny Ramirez gets convicted, he could actually be facing up to one year in jail. Surprised? Check out the Manny Ramirez domestic violence police report. Check out also all of my domestic violence postings:
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