Minka Kelly opens up about her relationship with her stripper mom.
Did Minka Kelly and her stripper mom get along well? As many of you know, I've been bringing as many as stripper stories up as I possibly can on this blog because we're going to be able to read a lot about it when the novel comes out! Now, when it comes to a Minka Kelly, during an interview with Cosmopolitan, she revealed that her mom became a stripper and worked with other jobs simultaneously so they could make ends meet.
The Friday Night Lights star described her mom as a gorgeous woman, but according tothe Daily Mail, Minka Kelly's mom Maureen Kelly used to try to talk her into skipping school so they could go shopping! For that and other reasons, Minka Kelly describes her relationship with her mom to be quite complicated. Maureen Kelly died three years ago of colon cancer; however, Minka Kelly was with her mom until her last breath. Now what do you think about relationships with parents that are strippers and their children? Are they always complicated?

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