Nasty custody battles / custody battles: How far is too far making it public? image: Today show.
Nasty custody battles, photo: today Show.
This morning I saw a report on the Today  show about a couple that had a really nasty custody battle. But here's what the problem is: The husband decided to make the nasty custody battle public by creating a blog about it on thepsychoexwife.com. The website is down upon court order, but apparently the ex husband had utilized that tool to completely defame his wife. Now, this incident puts everything into question because he does have the right to speak and express himself like anybody else in the country, but apparently the way in which he did it, by directly criticizing his ex wife on a blog, caused problems in court. There are other ways in which he could have channelized his emotions, perhaps by creating a blog with general features on nasty custody battles, or maybe by writing a book on a story on  nasty custody battles and somehow using different names, cities in which they lived in, changing some information up a little bit, but at the same time, never  saying it was his own story (within his manuscript),  could have been a better way for him to let go the pressure off his chest. But to create a blog and say: I'm the one going through a nasty custody battle and my ex wife is like this and that and representing yourself as you are the person going through the nasty custody battle, and on top of that criticizing his wife directly can actually raise a lot of concern. Is he appealing to get the website back upWhat do you think about this nasty custody battle situation? Did he go too far? How would you channelize your emotions of a nasty custody battle if it was your case? By the way, the topic: custody battles is just one of the many other topics that we will be able to read on:  Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel. Stay tuned!

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