Reading the article on R&B singer Kem really touched my heart! Kem, who at some point in his life became homeless, offered a concert in Detroit last Sunday in order to raise awareness on homelessness. As many of you know, homelessness is one of the topics touched in my novel! Read more below this image:
R&B singer Kem raises awareness in homelessness by offering a concert n Detroit!
The R&B singer released a tweet followed by the event on Sunday:
Kem offered the free concert in Cass Park and reportedly thousands of attendees were there to see him and other singers too! That was a really extraordinary, kind, and inspiring from Kem. Hopefully we'll be able to see more and more homeless awareness events in the future! Check out these homelessness statistics / homelessness facts published by
homelessness statistics / homelessness facts.
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I really admire the strength, tenacity and heart of Kem. To be able to give back and not be afraid to go back where he came from; if only those that are in the postion to build, give and empower could be moved with compassion and understanding as well. I have an outreach ministry that provides needed services as well as minister spiritually. We do a collaborative commnunity outreach called Praise In The Park. I admire & Respect what you are doing and honor you as a Man of GODLY wisdom and vision. I'm going to volunteer for your next event;what you're doing is so Powerful. GOD Bless You & Yours.


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