Hello everyone! Nice Saturday!!! Okay, so during my process of working with my novel, I have also not forgotten that another vital part in this thrilling process is to learn! Learning never ends, so what I've been doing is that I've been recording down on a separate document at least 8-10 new words every day that I understand will define and depict better the emotions and events that we will be seeing in the story. However, "Life is Like a box of Chocolates: An Inspirational Novel" takes place in the modern, present time! That means that it will portray itself with a strong reality foundation as it will include words that we use in our modern daily lives. My intention is that I want you to experience with the same *intensity* what the main character lives day by day as this story unravels new, shocking events in every chapter. Have a nice weekend guys!
Gary Rogers

Vocabulary Enrichment:
Imponderable, Expositor, Complacence, and
Quaver. - Gary


good projet
i am looking for it


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