Top 3 signs that a relationship is going downhill!
How do you know if your relationship is going downhill? There are so many ways to figure out but this time I'm going to surprise you with my top 3 signs that your relationship is going downhill: (Note: Of course, not just because any of these events occurs only once means that your relationship has already going downhill, but if it becomes repetitive, then at least that's a good reason to get worried!

Signs that relationship going downhill # 1: Belated confessions:
Your partner might make you a confession that you think you should have known out about much earlier during the relationship. When you ask why he/she didn't tell you before, you will most likely hear: "Because I knew you would get mad at me." Lack of communication can be a relationship's biggest enemy ever!

Signs that relationship going downhill # 2: Your partner becomes unreachable:
Your partner might have been pretty good at answering your phone calls, text messages, or emails, but lately you've been noticing that he rarely ever answers your call, or responds to text messages / emails as quick as he used to. This dramatic change in pattern can be a red flag!

Signs that relationship going downhill # 3: Change in behavior:
When you first met your partner he/she used to be really attentive and affectionate. Now, he / she shows up late to come see or meet you and sex starts happening a lot less often. When you bring up the subject, he / she gets defensive. This type of change in behavior should definitely not be ignored and might be a sign that something is not right in the relationship.

Check out this unedited and unpolished Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, An Inspirational Novel sneek peek:
Is this a sign that a relationship is going downhill?
Are these signs that a relationship is going downhill?
Wait until you read what happens inside the bar and what the female character Elizabeth learns also about Tyler. Do you think that she cuts him off right on the nasty act? Other than that, will Tyler actually prove Elizabeth wrong when it comes to her assumptions and actually be a man of his word?

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