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So here I am, one more day,  working on it like I love it! So I just wanted to share with all of you that the novel is being inspired (still in process) by several breath taking life subjects; that's why I decided to make sure that the word "inspirational" appears on the book cover. So let me give you a little insight:  the story unfolds with a very touchy, and heart breaking event that I will reveal as time progresses, followed by probably 4 more subjects that took part and a huge role in a young lady's life. All of these subjects are quite touchy, delicate, and sometimes attempted to be kept confidential and private in real life scenarios for a huge list of reasons. Anyway, stay tuned, I will keep you guys updated!

Your article works great on my study. Yet when I was to read through the other blogs, the explorer turned out to be inaccessible. I didn’t know whether it was my IE explorer issue. Could you help me figure it out? Thank you!


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