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Why do women become strippers? There are so many answers can can come up in our minds but why do women become strippers? That is what we really want to know. The list of possibilities on why women become strippers are endless. In the novel you will be able to witness and fully experience one of the reasons why women become strippers. Live the intensity the same way it was lived through the eyes and the vulnerable mind of a girl that becomes a stripper. What is it like being a stripper? We will be able to discuss this topic later on and of course you will be able to learn how was it really like being a stripper for the character in the novel but for now let's take a look at some of the reasons why women become strippers:

Why do women become strippers? Unlike what some people believe, some women decide to become a strippers because they have developed over the years their passion for exotic dancing and pole dancing.  Learn about the history of exotic dancing here. They might not do it on a full time basis, but it's a great way to keep themselves in optimum shape and feeling very confident. Some women do strip for their husbands or their boyfriends to spice up their relationship. Now, there are some cases in which some women feel like they have no other choice but to become strippers for the sake of surviving a financial crisis and be able to raise their child / children  or because they need to support an addiction. The list is endless. Now, as we all know, when women become strippers because they feel like they have no other choice then that's when we want to pay close attention.  How long is enough to be able to get back up on your feet? How hard or easy it is to get used to live the life of a stripper when she feels like she has no other choice? I'd like to know hat you think about all of this. Are you thinking about becoming a stripper? Are you a stripper? Why did you become a stripper? Do you think that becoming a stripper is a mere option regardless of what anyone can say? Why? Should strippers be categorized as whores or has the society developed unfair stereotypes? Who is to blame for? Can the presence of stripper 'cause a relationship breakup or 'add to it more sexual flavor? There are so many possibilities, sometimes they're even hard to believe... you're going to be able to experience very closely how was it like being a stripper for the character in my novel, day by day. Will she be able to make it okay? Will that make her a stronger woman or a weaker one? How will it change her life? What is your story? What are your views?

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn

All of my friends raved about the movie Dinner for Schmucks but with two little kids, it's almost impossible to get out of the house. Thank goodness for on demand through my satellite TV, that I got after checking out the differences in http://www.satellite911.com- I was able to order it and it was as good as they said. Paul Rudd's character is trying to get ahead at his company and to do that, he needs to bring a schmuck to his boss's dinner. Usually, whoever brings the best, gets the better position in the company. If you lose, you could end up losing your job. So in his search for the perfect person to bring which will guarantee him victory, he comes across Steve Carrell's character who is odd in his own special way. Together, they manage to bring down their opponents - even some they may not have thought were their true opponents to begin with. This is a good movie to watch if you're looking for a few quick laughs. The plot is not that deep so you won't need to spend hours trying to figure out the answer. It's only to make you have fun.


How long can a custody battle last? How long does a custody battle take? Everyone knows that divorce can be extremely painful. Furthermore, when both parties face problems in establishing a custody agreement things can get a lot more complicated. But how long can a custody battle last? How long does a custody battle take? The custody laws vary from state to state. Depending on how challenging the non custodial parent is, the custody battle can take years to finally come to an end. Now, whether you are the custodial parent or the non custodial parent, you need to be prepared to invest money on  lawyer fees and you need to be prepared to be very patient because when there is a custody disagreement things can get heated up pretty quickly.  Can everyone afford to do that? What happens when the non custodial parent thinks that the custodial parent shouldn't really have custody of their child / children in common for good reasons according to their own judgment? Every side has their own story. Does money play a huge role? Is it fair? What do you think? Can a person's criminal background or history of domestic violence greatly influence a judge's decision? As a matter of fact, this custody battle topic does actually take place in the novel! You'll be stunned to find out how challenging this custody battle case becomes, how long it lasts, and exactly why it even took place. Are you going through a custody battle? How long did your custody battle last? Share your views now!
Can a breakup cause PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)? If you're asking yourself: Can a breakup cause PTSD, then check this out. According to ZocDoc, yes, a breakup can cause PTSD. Of course, the best option of all is to go to a specialist, but here's what ZocDoc reveals on the topic Can a breakup cause PTSD. It would actually be considered PTSD if  the symptoms have lasted more than 30 days. Only a physician can make such diagnosis. In my novel, Elizabeth (main character) claims that the tragic breakup that she went through in the very beginning of the story 'caused a spin in her direction in life and for that she made decisions that affected the rest of her life events (which you will be able to see what they were in the book). Was PTSD what really affected her and made her take those decisions? Or should PTSD never be blamed for her struggles post breakup? You be the judge! Once you read the novel you will find several clues that will lead you to your own conclusions. Here are some of the PTSD symptoms in women / PTSD symptoms in men after a breakup:

Can a breakup cause PTSD? According to my research, here are some of the possible TSD symptoms in women / PTSD symptoms in men:
  • nightmares on the relationship: For example having dreams of your boyfriend cheating on you, depending on what the breakup causes were.
  • having unwanted flashbacks on the breakup.
  • feelings of anxiety.
  • not being able to sleep well.
  • mood swings.
  • feeling emotionally numb.
  • isolating from others.
  • Becoming less interested in activities that used to be of great enjoyment.
  • Not been able to reach career or family goals.
  • Having difficulty concentrating.
  • Having outbursts of anger or irritability.
  • Having feelings on being constantly in danger.
  • Having problems of substance abuse.
  • Having tendencies of becoming unemployed.
  • Having increasing chances of violence in future relationships.
Credit: ZocDoc, ptsd.ne.gov.
Can you trust your friends? Can you trust your friends after a disappointment with one of them? Can you trust your friends after you think that your life has ended because one of them perhaps gave you the wrong advice? How will you face life if those friends that hurt you are now gone? You used to be able to trust your friends but if there are friends that bring you down what will you do? Who can you share a secret with? Elizabeth (the main character of this novel)  goes through something like this at one point during this story. She feels that one of her best friends betrayed her by giving her the wrong advice. Will Elizabeth be able to trust her friends again or will she act upon her instincts? Find out when you read this inspirational story. Good night!
So how to prove emotional abuse? When you ask yourself  how to prove emotional abuse, do you feel hopeless? That isn't an easy task! This topic is actually covered in my novel! How does Elizabeth deal with emotional abuse? Is she able to keep her sanity? Is she able to prove emotional abuse? How to prove emotional abuse? Okay so even if you write a journal and try to document everything that an abuser has said to you, will you be able to prove emotional abuse to the judge? The answer is, probably not. You'll have to offer substantial evidence. If you are on the verge of not knowing what to do and if your relationship has been destroyed because of emotional abuse, what would you do? Find out what Elizabeth did regarding all of this when you read the novel!  Would you do the same she did?

How to prove emotional abuse? Are recorded phone calls evidence of emotional abuse? How to prove emotional abuse? Can therapy records prove emotional abuse? What if you can't afford a lawyer for an emotional abuse case? What if you feel trapped and threatened? Find out what Elizabeth did in this story. You'll be absolutely stunned!

Let's take a look at the Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning. What is your own Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning? I'll give you my own definition of Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning. Life is like a box of Chocolates, it truly is! Life is full of surprises, they can be good or bad. The Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning varies from person to person. My own definition of Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning goes like this:

You will be able to encounter in life many opportunities in which you will have to make decisions. Sometimes these decisons are made carefully, but sometimes they're made randomly, especially if we don't have a lot of time to choose. Imagine someone at a party opening up a box of assorted chocolates and the first person that he or she comes up to is you. You are been offered a chocolate, but they all look so different! Which one will you choose? This is what exactly happens in life. The Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning tells us that we will have several options to pick from in life, but it is up to us which one we will choose. Therefore, we need to be aware that every decision brings up a result, and that it is our responsibility to come forward and accept it, or work on it, depending on what the situation is. There is a very strong connection of the Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning with my novel. Elizabeth, the main character, faces a lot of situations where she'll have to make a quick decision. Once you read the novel you won't believe what happens throughout every transition of her life! Check out some of my older posts to find out more about the novel. As some of you may know, I have published a few little sneak peeks, but it is nothing compared to what you will live, experience, and feel while reading Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, An Inspirational Novel. From there, you will be able to to really find out what Life is Like a Box of Chocolates meaning really is to Elizabeth. Does she accept the consequences? Does she consider herself responsible for what she goes through?  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!
I'm working on the map of the novel now. After careful consideration I'm planning on actually not going over 38k words according to the plot and development of the story. It looks like I'm actually not too far away from that!
I just finished writing the unedited version of Chapter 6 and it's only one page????? Most of my chapters are either 10 or 20 pages in length, but this one in particular is only one page Why?. It marks one of the many huge transitions in the story of my novel's main character, Elizabeth. Wait until you read it. It's incredibly intense and filled with lots of emotions. I really wish that I could post more often on this blog but sometimes I get caught up with other things and that's why you'll find some gaps. Nevertheless, anticipation is always an exciting feeling!
Here are two brand new unedited and unpolished sneak peeks from my novel. I'm actually not working on these scenes anymore but since today a lot of people were talking about trials I decided to bring this up to show that sometimes several elements or factors can sometimes raise questions on whether a judge's statements or decisions have been fair or not.

Factor: Time
Factor: Knowledge

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